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Discover what was in our amazing Mother’s Day 2022 limited edition box!

4U Subscription Boxes Mothers Day Box

Hands up if you received or treated yourself to one of our gorgeous 4U Mothers Day Boxes on the weekend?!

Check out all of the gorgeous products that we chose for this exclusive box!

Handmade Penny purse by @kashzalehandmadecosmeticbag

Small mixed flower posie by Brooke @__theflowerstudio

Kaolin Clay Mask by @theblisscartel

Exclusive Rocky Road by @gerties_goodies

Strong women Inspiration card (not pictured)

We have received such postive feedback that I am sure it won’t be our last Mothers Day Box! June boxes are selling fast, have you ordered yours yet?

What a fun and special box this was to put together for some lucky women for Mother’s Day!

A beautiful sample of the kind of products we select for our 4U Subscription Boxes, but of course you never know what you’re getting.

Were you one of the lucky recipients of these boxes, what did you love most about it?

Share your comments below…


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4U Subscription Boxes

Jenny and Courtney of 4U Subscription Boxes are a dynamic duo that curate a box of goodies for you to enjoy each season. They prioritise eco-friendly, women-owned, Australian-made, and, most importantly, locally and regionally owned women's companies. Take a moment for yourself, ladies, and treat yourself to one of our self-care-focused subscription boxes.

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About 4U Subscription Boxes

With 4U Subscription Boxes, we want to provide you with a surprise box of goodies every 3 months that you’ll love, with a focus on eco-friendly, women-owned, Australian-made, and, most importantly, local, regional women-owned businesses. A box that encourages women to prioritise their needs, even for a short period of time!

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