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Here’s Your First Official Look at the March 2021 Box!

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Our subscription box for Autumn/March 2022 included these amazing items and businesses.

A guide to unleashing your why and living your most magical life. Imagine not just celebrating at the end of the week, but all the days in-between. Waking up every day and knowing that you are truly living – with purpose.

Instagram @lisamessenger
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My name is Chantelle and I’m the creator of Crescent Moon Jewellery, a nurse/midwife and mummy to a beautiful baby boy, Archer. In 2019, I found polymer clay and resin while navigating our journey to become parents. I love the process of creating and coming up with new fun techniques and designs. It is so satisfying seeing the joy on people’s faces when they receive my earrings.

Instagram @crescentmoon_jewellery
Facebook @crescentmoonjewelleryAU

100% Australian cookies. Our journey has been full of baking adventures, good food and great people, creating a team environment made up of a diverse workforce where people feel safe and cared for. It means supporting women in the workplace and removing obstacles in their way.

Jacky and Ken
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I love using my creativity to help people express themselves through a variety of products. Wedding and event signage hire and custom designs, as well as sassy greeting cards, hand painted doormats, stationery and more.

Instagram @nutmeg_creative
Facebook @nutmegcreativeau

Indulgent Essence and handmade Bath Product business that was started from a love and passion for all things essential oils. Shower steamers are a great way to indulge in aromatherapy without the need for a bathtub.

Instagram @indulgentessence
Facebook @indulgentessence1

Stay safe, happy and health and we look forward to delivering an amazing experience every time you from 4U Subscription Boxes.

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4U Subscription Boxes

Jenny and Courtney of 4U Subscription Boxes are a dynamic duo that curate a box of goodies for you to enjoy each season. They prioritise eco-friendly, women-owned, Australian-made, and, most importantly, locally and regionally owned women's companies. Take a moment for yourself, ladies, and treat yourself to one of our self-care-focused subscription boxes.

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About 4U Subscription Boxes

With 4U Subscription Boxes, we want to provide you with a surprise box of goodies every 3 months that you’ll love, with a focus on eco-friendly, women-owned, Australian-made, and, most importantly, local, regional women-owned businesses. A box that encourages women to prioritise their needs, even for a short period of time!

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