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Lets take a look inside our crammed June 2022 subscription box!

4U Subscription Boxes June 2022

Heading into Winter and we have some wonderful products to keep you warm. Meet the small businesses featured in the June 2022 Subscription Box!

This family-owned business combines the South Australian outback, the rich culture, the raw character, and unique tastes found in the region to product quality tea varieties as well as sharing their passion for quality, and skill in Gin making.

“Experience the Flavours Forged in the Flinders Ranges with Us.”

Alby and Leah Trotta
Instagram @flindersgin
Facebook  @flindersgin

Elegant and so easy to use. Take time to nurture your Mentali-tea.

Instagram @mentaliteacollective

A cleansing and balancing blend of Natural Salts, Australian Pink Clay, Essential Oils and Botanicals formulated to relieve everyday challenges and stresses. Meditate your worries away!

Instagram @adrianaart_au

My Tribe of Three is the creation of Jane Bruce, a mother of two based on the Mornington Peninsula. Natural, ethical and 100% Australian Made.

Jane Bruce
Instagram @my_tribe_of_three
Facebook @mytribeofthreethelabel

Mood traders is all about spreading the positivity. Our signature monochrome card packs are filled with positive motivation and words to inspire.

Instagram @moodtraders
Facebook @moodtraders

Stay safe, happy and health and we look forward to delivering an amazing experience every time you from 4U Subscription Boxes.

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4U Subscription Boxes

Jenny and Courtney of 4U Subscription Boxes are a dynamic duo that curate a box of goodies for you to enjoy each season. They prioritise eco-friendly, women-owned, Australian-made, and, most importantly, locally and regionally owned women's companies. Take a moment for yourself, ladies, and treat yourself to one of our self-care-focused subscription boxes.

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About 4U Subscription Boxes

With 4U Subscription Boxes, we want to provide you with a surprise box of goodies every 3 months that you’ll love, with a focus on eco-friendly, women-owned, Australian-made, and, most importantly, local, regional women-owned businesses. A box that encourages women to prioritise their needs, even for a short period of time!

Jenny & Courtney
4U Subscription Boxes

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