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What is a subscription box? is the question we get asked most often

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The most common question we have been asked since starting our business venture is “What’s a subscription box??”
So here is a Subscription Box 101 to get you all up to speed.

What is a Subscription Box? 

A box that contains an assortment of products, typically with a common theme. Our boxes are created just for women, with a spotlight on self care and wellbeing which is important for our own physical, mental and emotional health.

What products will be in my box?

It’s a surprise! Each box that you receive will have 4-7 full sized products and occasionally we might throw in some samples just because we can!

How often will I receive my Subscription Box?

Our boxes are delivered four times a year, seasonally, in March, June, September, December.
Further Frequently Asked Questions and Answers can be found on the Get the Box shop page.
So are you ready to invest in your health and wellbeing with a gift delivered to your door just for you? Our boxes are limited and are already over half sold out, so don’t delay your order!

Stay safe, happy and health and we look forward to delivering an amazing experience every time you from 4U Subscription Boxes.

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4U Subscription Boxes

Jenny and Courtney of 4U Subscription Boxes are a dynamic duo that curate a box of goodies for you to enjoy each season. They prioritise eco-friendly, women-owned, Australian-made, and, most importantly, locally and regionally owned women's companies. Take a moment for yourself, ladies, and treat yourself to one of our self-care-focused subscription boxes.

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About 4U Subscription Boxes

With 4U Subscription Boxes, we want to provide you with a surprise box of goodies every 3 months that you’ll love, with a focus on eco-friendly, women-owned, Australian-made, and, most importantly, local, regional women-owned businesses. A box that encourages women to prioritise their needs, even for a short period of time!

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