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What was inside our debut December 2021 Subscription Box?

4U Subscription Boxes December 2021

Welcome to 4U Subscription Boxes!

If you were on our lucky recipients of our debut subscription box for Summer 2021 you received these amazing items from these small businesses.

StubZero will help you keep your cool for longer. Heavy duty double walled vacuum insulated stubby cooler that keeps drinks colder for longer. Condensation free to keep your hands dry. Adjustable top allows the fitment of various sized cans/bottles.

James Boardman
Instagram  @alcoholder

This calming spray is specially formulated to assist in sleep and relaxation. Great for children and babies as it contains no harsh oils, small Batch Handmade 100% Organic Home and Cleaning Products, woman owned, Australian made.

Liz Harper
Instagram @lilbitbetter

A cleansing and balancing blend of Natural Salts, Australian Pink Clay, Essential Oils and Botanicals formulated to relieve everyday challenges and stresses. Meditate your worries away!

Alyssa Wright
Instagram @toil_and_trouble_teas
Facebook @Toil-Trouble-100933857971361

Insightful quotes and inspiring affirmations to nourish your courage, spirit, wisdom, and wit, making each and every day count.

Lisa Messenger
Instagram @lisamessenger
Facebook @lisamessenger

Shimmering Drinks Mixers: Created in Australia with over 90% natural Australian ingredients (including all natural flavours, adding colour, flavour, and a whole lot of sparkle to drinks.

Instagram @luxxdrops

Stay safe, happy and health and we look forward to delivering an amazing experience every time you from 4U Subscription Boxes.

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4U Subscription Boxes

Jenny and Courtney of 4U Subscription Boxes are a dynamic duo that curate a box of goodies for you to enjoy each season. They prioritise eco-friendly, women-owned, Australian-made, and, most importantly, locally and regionally owned women's companies. Take a moment for yourself, ladies, and treat yourself to one of our self-care-focused subscription boxes.

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About 4U Subscription Boxes

With 4U Subscription Boxes, we want to provide you with a surprise box of goodies every 3 months that you’ll love, with a focus on eco-friendly, women-owned, Australian-made, and, most importantly, local, regional women-owned businesses. A box that encourages women to prioritise their needs, even for a short period of time!

Jenny & Courtney
4U Subscription Boxes

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